Thursday, April 22

Texas thief robs bank after not getting stimulus check or ‘10k loan’

A Texas bank robber passed a teller a note demanding cash that claimed he was pulling the job because he didn’t get a coronavirus stimulus check or a government loan.

The suspect struck Woodforest National Bank in Houston on July 8, handing a teller a piece of notebook paper with his written demands, cops said.

“I didn’t get a stimulus or that 10k loan,” his demand note read. “I lost my business to Covid so please make this easy and comply,” it continued.

In the note, the crook threatened to open fire if the teller made “any suspicious moves.”

“I don’t wanna hurt nobody but will if I have to,” the note read. “Don’t make anything noticeable!”

It’s unclear if the crook was actually carrying a gun, according to police. The teller didn’t see one, but feeling threatened, gave the suspect an undisclosed amount of cash.